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Shackleton Fox is a family run antique business by husband and wife team based in rural Lincolnshire, UK.

Our heritage and passion come from a long family history of antique businesses, architectural property renovations and studies in Art and Design. This experience and knowledge has given us a skilled eye for spotting quality antique decorative pieces from all eras of design

We like to buy what we like and keep business simple, buying from 16th to 20th Century. We always look for originality, quality and good design.

Personal Sourcing Service
Antique and vintage personal sourcing service for private, commercial and international clients

We work completely independently and treat each client as an individual, providing a bespoke, personal and discreet service. We cater to all tastes, budgets and requirements

Cleaning, Polishing & Restoration
All our collections have been through our workshop and where possible, we always try to maintain the original finish preserving the patina and colour, some items are sympathetically restored and this is done by our own skilled craftsmen using only traditional methods

All our lighting has been selected for their individual quality and style

We complete a full assessment, re-wire and PAT inspection on all lighting. The full assessment can include general upkeep and updating – Fitting new lamp holders, deep cleaning, minor repairs and replacement of fragile metal pins are all part of our service. Rewiring includes a standard rewire to conform with UK electrical regulations to an adaptation or conversion.

Sell your Antiques
If you’re looking to sell any antiques, feel free to get in touch and email your photos to

We are always looking for new stock