Shop our hall of mirrors, a magnificent piece on its own or centerpiece in any room.
Create your own hall of mirrors ‘Mirrors were so expensive in the 17th Century that it cost the French Countess an entire wheat farm in order to buy a Venetian mirror

  • Rococo Revival Large Gilt Mirror

  • Vintage Cherub Wall Mirror

  • Antique 19th Century French Napoleon III Brass Cushion Mirror

  • Large Vintage Art Deco Barbola Bevelled Wall Mirror with Patina

  • Antique Victorian Gypsy Hand Painted Mirror with Patina

  • Antique Victorian Bevelled Gypsy Hand Painted Mirror

  • Vintage Neoclassical Wall Mirror

  • Large English 1920’s Silver Plated Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror

  • Vintage Art Deco Barbola Wall Mirror with Bevelled Glass

  • Antique Vintage Oak Bevelled Wall Mirror with Stunning Patina

  • Antique Empire Neoclassical Bevelled Silver Plated Wall Mirror with Silver Bows