19th Continental Repousse Wall Mirror



19th century French repousse hexagonal brass relief wall mirror is a true testament to the elegance of the Napoleon III period. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this mirror features a central beveled glass that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Surrounding the central mirror are eight rectangular glasses, each joined together by exquisite decorative brass repousse floral patterns. 

Although the mirror has lost its larger decorative crest over the years, it still retains a smaller crest that proudly sits at the top, adding a regal touch to its overall design. The central beveled mirror is surrounded by eight marginal cushion mirrors, creating a visually stunning display. Each section is separated by an attractive embossed frame, further enhancing the mirror’s aesthetic appeal. 

This French repousse hexagonal brass relief wall mirror is not only a functional piece but also a work of art. Its intricate details and craftsmanship make it a standout addition to any interior decor. Whether placed in a living room, hallway, or bedroom, this mirror is sure to catch the eye and become a focal point in the room. With its timeless design and historical significance, this mirror is a true treasure for collectors and enthusiasts of antique French furniture.


Exquisite ornamented mirror is a true testament to timeless elegance. Meticulously restored using traditional techniques, it showcases exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The mirror’s excellent condition is a testament to the care and expertise that went into its restoration, ensuring its longevity for years to come. Its beautiful antique patina adds a touch of vintage charm, making it a perfect addition to any sophisticated interior. While there may be some age-appropriate wear and tarnishing to the gilding, these imperfections only enhance the mirror’s character and authenticity. Additionally, the mirror plates may exhibit a slight foxing, which further adds to its antique allure.


Height:  60 cm

Width:  44 cm

Weight:  3.5 k.g.

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