Antique Pair of Cased South African Ostrich Eggs Hand Painted


These antique pair of cased South African ostrich eggs is a unique and exquisite addition to any collection. The eggs are hand-painted with intricate designs, showcasing the talent and skill of the artist. The attention to detail is evident in every stroke of the brush, making each egg a true work of art. The eggs are signed, adding to their authenticity and value. The cased design ensures that the eggs are protected and preserved for years to come. These eggs are not only beautiful, but also hold historical significance as they represent the rich culture and traditions of South Africa. This antique pair of cased South African ostrich eggs is a must-have for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.


These hand-painted South African ostrich eggs are in excellent condition and are a unique addition to any collection.


Height:  25 cm   /   10 inches

Width:   43 cm   /  17 inches

Depth:   19 cm   /  7.5 inches

Weight:  4.3 kg

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