Set of Three 19th Century Italian Giltwood Over Door Pediments



Set of three 19th Century Italian Giltwood Over Door Pediments is a highly decorative and visually striking addition to any interior space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these architectural pieces feature a stunning combination of giltwood and gesso, creating a luxurious and opulent aesthetic. The design of these pediments draws inspiration from the Prince of Wales Crest, showcasing intricate scrolls and elegantly carved acanthus leaves.

What makes this set truly exceptional is its rarity. It is incredibly uncommon to come across a set of this age, making it a unique find for collectors and enthusiasts of antique decor. The patina and aged appearance of the giltwood adds to its charm and authenticity, evoking a sense of history and elegance. Whether displayed above doorways or incorporated into a gallery wall, these 19th Century Italian Giltwood Over Door Pediments are sure to make a captivating statement in any space.

Very good antique condition – woodworn holes present but have been treated


Height: 18 cm   /  7  inches

Width:   86 cm   /  34  inches

Depth:    4 cm   /    1.5 inches

0.7 k.g (each)

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