Antique Indian Carved Wooden ‘Ghodi’ Wedding Horses Set of Three



Exquisite set of three wedding horses is a true testament to the craftsmanship of Rajhastani artisans from the 1920s or even earlier. Each horse has been carved and painted with intricate details, showcasing the skill and artistry of the craftsmen. 

The set includes a male horse, a female horse, and a foal horse, making it a unique and rare find. The foal horse, despite being young, is also a male horse, adding to the authenticity and completeness of the set. 

These horses are not only beautiful decorative pieces but also hold cultural significance. In Indian weddings, it is customary to have a procession with a groom riding a horse, symbolizing grace, strength, and prosperity. This set of wedding horses would make a perfect addition to any wedding decor or as a collector’s item for those who appreciate the rich history and artistry of Rajhastani craftsmanship.


Excellent condition considering its age, with minimal signs of wear and tear. The foal, however, may show slightly more wear compared to the rest of the items. 

Despite this, the overall quality of the product remains high, making it a valuable addition to any collection or display.


Height:  30 cm (Male)

26 cm (Female)

20 cm (Foal)

Width:   28 cm (Male)

24 cm (Female)

20 cm (Foal)

Weight:  0.9 k.g (Male)

0.55 k.g (Female)

0.3 k.g (Foal)

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